I don’t like sleeping in public transportation. Not that I don’t like sleeping, but the waking up part and feeling a stiff neck isn’t one of my favourites. And the after effect isn’t nice either. Well, nothing a nice cup of coffee will fix.

Today I removed my beard. I didn’t intend to, but without a beard trimmer it is very hard to keep it tidy.
Maybe it’s time to buy a trimmer, or to stop growing a beard. Who knows?

This morning I noticed that our beloved railway company have changed their time table. The only problem is that I noticed it after the train that I had wanted to take, had already left. Could it get any worse? I have to get up half an hour earlier, and it is no longer possible to catch the bus I need to take to get to my destination… Why did we privatise public transportation?

It was nice to see my Cub Scouts again. I hadn’t seen them for quite some time now. It’s just to much of a fuzz, going there every week.
Maybe when we have moved next summer and if I have time, I can find a group which is closer to my home.

Because I haven’t been at my parents for a while, I also haven’t seen my cat for quiete some time.
You can really that he is getting very old, and that his time will soon be…
I’m going to miss him though!

After having an Apple PowerMac G5 for almost two years now, I definitely want a new one. Partly because the machine is getting less and less fast. This is very annoying when I play World of Warcraft.
Maybe an update of my graphics card will be enough, but I wouldn’t mind getting a whole new computer on my Desk.

Having been between jobs for a short while, I have found a new job.

From the first day of 2007 I will be working for Sogeti as a Software Engineer for the division Enterprise Software Engineering.

Finally a challenging job!

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