Today we started our course. We didn’t do much really, the staff introduced them self in we got a little assignment. And, not the least, a laptop to do our assignments on.

In the afternoon we had a drink and a snack with the staff and our colleagues.

I’m still tired, so I’m of to bed in a sec.

So, I finaly got there! It took a while; flying for nine and a half hours from Amsterdam to Chicago, getting bitched by a your-not-welcome-here-attendend, flying further to Columbus and after retrieving our suitcases we could board a bus to get to Athens (Ohio, not Greece).

If you have ever seen ‘American’ diners in a movie, we ate there yesterday. Although the waitress wasn’t fat, didn’t have a mold and toilets where clean, it was just as in the movies! Burger with fries.

We also visited some pubs, the beer is crap but cheap. Not the best combination, but it could have been even worse. At half past twelve local time, half past six European time, I got to bed. Realy tired, and feeling like I would almost pass out.

Time to get some breakfast and start the day!

Tomorrow around 11 a.m. (gmt 1) I will be flying to Ohio for my course at the Ohio University.
If you want, you can spy on me! Go to to do so.

Because I have to sleep in hotels during the week, I have no time to sing. And I really miss it!
I’ll be happy of these hectic weeks are over.

I just love bubbles! Due to a holiday expo in Utrecht, the hotel was overbooked and I got room with a bubble bath. To bad… The next time I need to sleep in a hotel, I need to bring some bath salt.

It has been a long and energy-eating week, but I’m very glad about my choice to work for Sogeti. Not much to tell though, but if you need a reliable company with carreer possibilities, go for Sogeti!
Next week I will need to study and Saturday January 13 we will be flying to Athens Ohio, for a training.
The only downside is, that all the training will be in Vianen. So another week in a hotel away from home without my GF.

Today something new started. Not only a new year, but my new job also started today. Although I actualy begin tomorrow, because January first is a holiday.
This afternoon I’ll be traveling to Vianen, where I will stay the whole week. The purpose of the first week is getting to know Sogeti.
I can say, I’m kindoff excited.

So that was christmas. What have I done. Well, let’s summarize:

  • Christmas eve, I went to a Christmas eve concert of Capella Frisiae, which was very good. Without a conductor even!
  • On the Christmas day we went to my to-be-mother-in-law where we sat, ate, spoke, ate and ate.
  • On boxing day we went to my parents, with whom we went to see the grave of my grandmother, (she died in may this year) visited my sugar-aunt (not be mistaken by a sugar daddy) and ate.
  • As far as can be spoken of a third day of Christmas, we had a diner with the Scouting organization of the village a come from. Which was very nice.

As you can see, it was a busy Christmas!

O yeah, one of my favourite activities. Driving in a traffic jam.
Last Tuesday, I had to go to our capital city to update a web-server and to place a new one in the data centre.
It took me three hours and fifteen minutes to get there. It normally takes about one and an half hour.
The car I was driving in, was equipped with a navigation system. Which showed me suburbs of our capital city, by the means of a scenery tour.

I hate throwing parties. Just too much people, taking too much energy. It was nice though to see a lot of people I had not seen for some time.
The good part was that my GF made some delicious cakes! Too bad most of these were eaten by others… I just love cake so much.