Today we ate at the Greek in Waalre. In the south, the celebrate carnival. People really dress-up awkward a girl was dressed up as a dog, a dalmatian, with a mask for the ears and her nose. Good thing we know what he serves, so we didn’t need to see the menu to order. The food there is realy good, and Greeks always server more then you can eat.

Tonight we went with my sister-in-law to a games night of her new work. We had a lot of fun, I played some poker and played the game Singstar on a PSP2. Singstar was fun, but the most songs were a little bit high-pitched, as I am a baritone.

It was good to see an open, multicultured company.

I just finished a tasty meal with a colleague, and now I’m in my room again. Alone tonight, due to the windy nights my fiancé is stuck on Heathrow airport. Hopefully I will see her tonight, but it will probably be very late. One more night and then its weekend, but I won’t be home by Saturday, because tomorrow it’s my sister-in-law her birthday and we are going to visit her. Pooh, now I think of it, Saturday evening we are going to a concert. No spare time, sitting home, doing nothing but watching the telly. Hopefully soon that evening may come. I think I may need a vacation soon. The long days are eating me up. No idea yet of were I should go. But I wouldn’t mind going to a warmer place.

Since November, I am no longer a member of Capella Groningen. Not that I got fed up with singing, but because of the job changes. I just couldn’t make any promissis that I could come to rehursels and the concerts.

I got to find a new choir in the south soon. But its just hard to find one, if you don’t know any choirs in the neighbourhood.

What a turn-off, the broker called to say the house we were supposed to visit was sold. I just can’t wait to move, the traveling is breaking me up.

But then again, the hotel living has its advantages. My bed is made every morning, freshly made orange-juice, eating out every day, and so on. But when you get back to your hotel room. There’s nothing to do. You’re just bound to that room. No friends visiting, and no other extra curricular activities.

Since the seventeenth of December I have an assignment in Roosendaal, which is located in the southern parts of the Netherlands. We are now looking for a house in Tilburg, because most of the clients of my current department are located here.

Tomorrow we are going to see a house for the second time, hopefully it hasn’t been sold yet!

It has been a while, but halfway March I started on a real assignment. I’m now programming on a mainframe system for a bank. Old black and green screens is what I work with al day. You start wondering when they start using real systems… Only a few more weeks, and my holiday start. From the 11th of July until the last day of July, I’ll be on my holiday. This year we’re going to France. No exact planning yet, but it’ll be something like this.  

So, the first week is over. It has been a hardworking week, I’ve learned a lot.

Good to hear that if it where for real, they wouldn’t mind sending us to present the idea to the company for real. That’s good to hear!

This afternoon we will be driving to DC. I’m looking forward to that!

Although working long days takes a lot of energy, I think we learn a lot of it.

Yesterday I even went to the sports center. We played hockey. Well, to be honest, air hockey.

Haven’t done anything besides the work.

This weekend I’ll be going to DC with a group. I hope this will be fun!

Well, I’m of for sports.

See ya!

I never have liked to watch sports, but this was awesome! At first a was a little skeptic, but it was real fun! There where some guys in front of us, from the O-zone (the fan club of the Ohio Bobcats), and they explained us what we should do.

First the visiting team had to be introduced, we had to turn our back to them, and read a news paper. Every time a team member was introduced, we had to cheer ‘sucks!’.

When the game started there was a lot of cheering involved, but that’s OK. To try out the crowd, the cheerleaders started to give away some pizza’s to the hardest cheering folks. As you can guess, I was one of the one to get a pizza!

At the end of the game, they started pointing at the teams bases and cheering ‘winning team’ and ‘loosing team’. Of course, with the help of our hard cheering, the Bobcats won.

“Winning team!”