This week is going to be very busy. We get married tomorrow, sign the mortgage, and sign the temporary buying contract. I will be glad if the week has passed!

This morning I took an engineer to check the house we are going to buy. It is relativly new, but we just wanted to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it.

As expected, the engineer validated this.

They just doesn’t go allong. We tried to, but we can’t get all the necessary energy out of it. So we decided that we no longer fast on meat. Next year we can do it, because we will be living in a normal situation instead of in hotels.

Today I found out that the Greeks are not known for their famous vegetarian food. Not a thing to do anytime soon. Good thing I also ordered fried sheep cheese, and Greek always serve a lot of side dishes or else we had to find a snack bar.

Woohoo. Today we finished the bidding. Now the formal stuff of the house buying starts. Arringing the morgange, ensurances and the formal change of owner ship. Although it takes a while before all is round up. We will be able to move in by the end of May. I can’t wait.

Today we went to a concert of Capella Groningen, we used to sing there. It was good to see them again. To fill up some time, the concert was accompanied by some organ works by English composers. The organ made a strange whistling sound when the organ player turned on the stars on the organ.

The console really kicks ass, well actually Assassin’s Creed does. I can’t wait to continue playing the game, but first we have to work for another week.

Today I bought a console, a PlayStation 3 to be precise.  I wanted a console which is capable of playing nextgen DVD’s. The Wii doesn’t have a nextgen player, and the 360 has a HD-DVD which has only a few supporters left.

I bought two games: Assassin’s Creed and Timeshift. AC looks really good, I hope I don’t finish it to fast. I haven’t looked at TS yet, I will do that when I’m stuck or bored with AC.

Has anyone any game suggestions? I’d be glad to hear them!

Today my fiancé visited a house we saw before together with our broker. We made an offer, which they hopefully cannot refuse. As soon as there’s more to tell, I’ll post it here.

Tomorrow we will sign our prenuptial agreement, so we can get married the twentieth!

Carnival has its pros and its cons. The road is almost mine, compared to the normal crowd. It saves me about fifteen minutes on every trip from and to my work, I could also park my car closer to the gate to enter the ground of the client. On the other hand, we couldn’t even go eat in the hotel because it was to crowded. Instead we ordered pizza on our hotel room. Good thing the reception didn’t whine about order pizza on the hotel room.

Idd prefer being normal again, so I can just eat peacefully without awkward dressed people. Only a few more days left, and then the 40 days before Easter starts. During that time I don’t eat meat, liquorice, chocolate nor shall I drink alcoholic beverages.