From this moment of, we are house owners (and debtees). We just signed the deed for the house and a deed for the mortgage. The only thing we have to do next is painting all de seeling, walls, and laying a some floor coverage on the first floor. Good thing my father and my father in law are going to help us with the painting and a friend and his father are going to help to put the floor coverage on the first floor in.

We have to hurry, because we have until the 20th to get everything done…

Currently I’m sitting on the bench. Meaning I don’t have an assignment for my work. So I’m sitting at the office doing, well not much. I finished an e-course with the title ‘Creating a positive attitude’ because of the name. To kill some time I went to the sauna, no problems there. Hopefully I’ll get an assignment soon.

Yesterday evening we went to the Matthäus Passion of Johann Sebastian Bach. It was performed by Capella Frisiae and accompanied by Concerto d’Amsterdam and directed by Hoite Pruiksma. It was the first time CF did the MP. Normally we sing it with the Noordkoor. As always the orchestra was marvelless. The soloist where also very good. Although I prefer an Altus instead of an Alt. Andreas Scholl for instance is a very nice to hear Altus.

Last week I got connected by a new ISP, but my phone number wasn’t ported yet. This weekend I struggled to get it working on my old router. I wanted to use the old one, because the ease of use and also because the new router couldn’t be mounted on the wall.

After some struggle, I managed to log in VOIP service, only after calling the line was dropped. My router didn’t have the necessary codec to ‘talk’ with the VOIP server. The standard router software didn’t have the codec, but my old provider has software for the router on their site which has the necessary code. Now I can finaly call for free within The Netherlands.

Today we went to the summer camp location of the Martinistam. (Sorry, can’t say anything more. Because the location is always a secret.)

In this village we ate and went to the tourist office. Although it was closed, the lady saw our weeping faces and give us some information. We had a lot of fun, the village we visited was a little bit over-christian. We wanted to rent something on a Sunday, but they wouldn’t let us because of the village people.

After we checked out the cabin we will rent during the camp, we visited an odd named village we saw on the map. Unfortunatly I can’t post the picture we took of the name plate of this village.

Because we can’t take our cat tot the hotel she is staying with my wife’s mother, until we can take her to our new home. Today we visited her. It was good to see her again, she looked good. Although she is getting a little fat, she looked happy and content. The last time we visited her, she gave us the cold shoulder. My wife really misses her, and can’t wait showing her the newly bought garden for her.

Yesterday we signed the pre-buying contract and today we returned the signed mortgage papers. All the hectics are over, and we can move to the south by the end of May.

This morning I finished the game Assassin’s Creed on my PS3. What a crappy end. You expect from a series, that one part will have some form of ending. But this is just like a chapter in a book. To many questions to be answered. Hopefully they’ll release part two soon enough, I can’t wait.

Has anyone an idea for my next game? I already have TimeShift, but it sucks.

This morning we got married. I was happily surprised, because my wife wore a beauty-full white dress. I was surprised because we agreed to keep it simple and plain, and she told me she was going to wear one of here suits.

Just married