As you all know, pictures say more then words.

As you might expect, it was awesome! When we jumped out of the airplane, we started the free fall with some rolls. After those rolls we continued a ‘normal’ free fall. Unfortunately, the free fall was ended very soon “ time flies, you know “ and we started our descent to the Marklin like playground with Dutch trains on it.

If you ever get the change to jump, do it! It’s awesome!

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting a local Scouting group called Dr. Moller.

As I have been a cup scout leader for some year, but since we moved I stoped. The traveltime was outragious (two-and-a-half hours for a single trip)

I’m a little bit exited, as I have no idea what kind of group this is. Also there’s not a real address to be found, only some vague direction. Hopefully they’ll get me there :D

As you may have read, I’ve sold my old macbook Pro yesterday. And today I noticed that shop called Mediamarkt has an action that all laptops are sold VAT free. In the Netherlands, that means a 19% discount.
Unfortunately, the version I wanted to buy was sold out. (The cheapest version of the macbook pro) And thus I bought the midrange version of the 15.4” macbook pro!

At eight o’clock this morning the movers came, and filled up the truck with our stuff. After an hour or two, we left our old address and started our journey to the south. As always in the Netherlands, the roads were crowded and during our trip we had some time to pick our noses. After a good length of time, we arrived at our new home and we could start emptying the truck. At three the movers left, and we had a house full of boxes. I think we can see the end of the moving thing very soon!

After watching the first two seasons, I couldn’t wait for the third to come out! SHO just announced that the third season will come in September. Can’t wait!

After more than two-and-a-half week a repair man of the KPN came and fixed our internet line. He told us that the ADSL line to our home wasn’t connected in the data centre. GRMBL!

Good thing: got an assignment

Bad thing: need to programme C#

Actualy, it’s not such a bad thing to programme C#, the code looks real nice.

Our internet provider promissed that the ADSL connection would be delivered yesterday. But it doesn’t look like they did anything. We’ll just have to wait…