Although I try to regularly update this weblog, I can’t find time to do this.

The last few weeks I visited an other company which creates uniform mobile application. Looking back at the previous company we visited, this company is miles ahead of them. The applications run smoothly and look like they have been created specially for the platform it runs in. Also the development tools are more mature, as they use proven technologies like the IDE Eclipse.

We also worked on some proposals for client in several sectors and created a POC.

It looks like the internal mobile project will be launched anytime soon! I can’t wait to get my hands on the new hardware we ordered. I just have to be patient…

For this morning, we had an appointment with a financial client to create a POC for the iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry devices. The iPhone and iPad applications where quickly deployed, but the BlackBerry gave us some trouble. Although this was solved hours before the deadline. For now, we wait.

Today we presented an internal application for our sales division. This application is intended to support our sales division on the road and is intended to run on the iPhone. We created the application within two weeks. During these two weeks, a noticed again that it is hard to get access to all the information you need and in the way you need it.

Lets create more apps! Anyone any suggestions?

Today we went to a company which has a product to quickly deploy mobile application over five platforms. It look very promising, although there are some drawbacks. Because the application is party deployed as a web application, the applications don’t respond as quickly as you’d like. But on the other side, you can create application very quickly.

On monday January 4 on 9.40, our daughter Hannah was born. She came into this world by an SC. Mother and doughter have to remain in the hospital, so my wife can recover from the SC.

Yesterday I went to the city hall to register her birth. Her full name is Hannah Judith Hester Geartsje.


Here are some ‘new’ pictures of Humphrey. They’re not new, but I just didn’t make any time to put them online. On the pictures the baby is about twenty weeks old.