Basketball? Awesome

I never have liked to watch sports, but this was awesome! At first a was a little skeptic, but it was real fun! There where some guys in front of us, from the O-zone (the fan club of the Ohio Bobcats), and they explained us what we should do.

First the visiting team had to be introduced, we had to turn our back to them, and read a news paper. Every time a team member was introduced, we had to cheer ‘sucks!’.

When the game started there was a lot of cheering involved, but that’s OK. To try out the crowd, the cheerleaders started to give away some pizza’s to the hardest cheering folks. As you can guess, I was one of the one to get a pizza!

At the end of the game, they started pointing at the teams bases and cheering ‘winning team’ and ‘loosing team’. Of course, with the help of our hard cheering, the Bobcats won.

“Winning team!”