Got There!

So, I finaly got there! It took a while; flying for nine and a half hours from Amsterdam to Chicago, getting bitched by a your-not-welcome-here-attendend, flying further to Columbus and after retrieving our suitcases we could board a bus to get to Athens (Ohio, not Greece).

If you have ever seen ‘American’ diners in a movie, we ate there yesterday. Although the waitress wasn’t fat, didn’t have a mold and toilets where clean, it was just as in the movies! Burger with fries.

We also visited some pubs, the beer is crap but cheap. Not the best combination, but it could have been even worse. At half past twelve local time, half past six European time, I got to bed. Realy tired, and feeling like I would almost pass out.

Time to get some breakfast and start the day!